Founded in 2005, DAPU TELECOM, has quickly emerged as a leader of frequency control and timing solution products – offering a broad range of timing devices, including OCXO and TCXO, clock and timing modules, and ICs. Recent introductions include real-time clock ICs, Clock Buffers, IEEE 1588v2 chipsets, PLL ICs, circulators, and isolators.

At present, there are four R&D agencies in USA, HK, Shenzhen and Dongguan. DAPU Telecom is committed to providing high-quality timing and frequency products and solutions while continually seeking technological innovations for the ultimate stability and reliability for communication networks.

Time-Frequency Products

  • High Stability Crystal Oscillator
  • Clock Modules
  • IEEE/PTP 1588 Clock Chip
  • RTC
  • Buffer
  • PLL
  • Timing Device
  • Timing Card
  • Clock Board
  • Circulator
  • Isolator

DAPU Technology Presentation

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