Over the last 7 decades, Fischer and Tausche has devoted, exclusively, all of its energy and resources to the development, production and sales of capacitors. While other manufacturers have chosen to move their facilities to the Far East, it remains true to tis founders’ vision of producing capacitors in Europe (Germany and Switzerland), and of creating and maintaining jobs here on the “old” continent. This strategy has proven its worth. Its commitment to the industry is well-recognized, while its talented employees have been extraordinarily faithful over the years. These elements along with never-ending investments and improvements on the production floor have created a vast wealth of experience, fueling never-ending innovation.

In 1948, founders Heinz Fischer and Alfred Tausche began manufacturing capacitors. Immediate success made them realize that industrialized production was the only solution to keep up with demand. So they bought land and built a factory, equipping it with state-of-the-art production machinery. Three generations later, this dedication to top quality production has never, and will never cease.

In 2004, Fischer and Tausche added a new member to the family: the Swiss manufacturer, Leclanché Capacitors. Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, a small town in western Switzerland (French-speaking), Leclanché Capacitors, also dedicated 100% to the capacitor industry, has been manufacturing capacitors since 1919. The synergies created by the integration of the Swiss company into the group are obvious: production methods, development tools, and shared experiences are just a few.

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