Fuji Electric is a global manufacturer of Power Semiconductor products offering Industrial IGBT Power modules, High Power IGBT modules, Intelligent Power Modules, SiC devices (Hybrid & Full SiC), Discrete Rectifier Diodes, Discrete MOSFET & IGBT devices. Across the industrial and new energy fields, Fuji Electric contributes to high levels of efficiency and energy savings by supplying power semiconductors, which are key devices in power electronics.

  • IGBT Modules- 10A-3600A 600V-3300V several topologies and packages
    • Gen 6 and Gen 7 X series now available
    • GEN 7 Reduces power dissipation, Achieves equipment size reduction, Contributes to improving equipment reliability
    • IPM’s 600-1200V, 25A-400A
  • SiC Modules- Hybrid (SiC SBD) 600-1700V, 35A-1200A

All SiC (SiC MOSFET & SiC Schottky Diode) 1200V, 25A-400A

  • Discrete IGBT’s-600-1200V, 15A-75A
  • Super Junction MOSFET- 600-650V, 25-380mohm
  • Schottky Barrier Diodes- 650-1200V, 10A-50A

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