Kendeil Group is one of the leading producers of power electronic capacitors for high-power inverter applications, including industrial motor drives, UPS, and battery chargers. They are known for their proven long life and  highly reliable electrolytic snap and screw type capacitors, and also produce DC Link film capacitors for low and medium/high frequencies.

Kendeil is also one of the only manufacturers that make a 600V electrolytic in a screw terminal package. These products are made with automated equipment, integrated technologies and advanced production processes, which are regularly updated to meet the highest international standards in performances and quality.

Benefits Include:

  • Long life for 85°C & 105°C Snap and Screw terminal electrolytic capacitors
  • 20,000 hours at rated conditions
  • 600V screw terminal electrolytic capacitors available, 1500-6800uF
  • Custom designs
  • Advanced software models to provide fast, accurate life predictions for any given operating condition
  • Short delivery time, typically 3-5 weeks

Kendeil is vertically integrated, as one of the few producers of electrolytics with etching capability for anode foil. This gives them the ability to control the complete manufacturing process. Having their own foil production not only makes for a more reliable part, it also helps minimize cost- the foil is some 70% of the production cost of a typical electrolytic, and guarantees material supply in times of high demand.

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