MS Power GmbH, headquartered in Eschborn, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of bipolar power semiconductor products, committed to providing the highest reliability into various applications including Motor Drives, Power Supplies, Solar and Wind Energy Systems, Smart Grid, etc. The current portfolio of products mainly covers the range of Bi-Polar semiconductor chips and discrete in forms of Stud Screw Fit Diodes/Thyristors (SCR), Capsule Devices and Modules.

MS Power proudly offers a broad range of Distributed Gate Thyristors, Diodes, Power Modules and Power Bridge devices. Their broad range of diodes containing pellets in voltage up to 7000 V and a current range of 25A- 7100A. Thyristors are available in voltage up to 6500V and a current range from 16A-5000A. They offer a wide range of Diode Modules in voltage up to 6000 V and a current range of 25A-1000A. Also available wide range of SCR & SCR/Diode Modules in voltage up V to 4400 V and a current of 25A-800A. All modules are offered in both soldered and compression bonded technologies.

MS Power GmbH in-house capabilities include: wafer fab in-house chip production, packaging fab with word class soldering technology (vacuum soldering), and the best-in-class high power testing center in Italy. MS Power continuously carries out new research and technical solutions for customized requirement from clients.

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