StarPower Semiconductor Ltd. is a leading power module company located in Jiaxing China, 59 miles southeast of Shanghai. Founded in 2005 with venture funds, StarPower designs and manufactures IGBT/SiC modules and customized modules for applications in the area of inverters, welding machines, inductive heating, UPS, EV, Solar/Wind Power and etc. in the power range of 0.5kW up to more than 1MW.

StarPower Europe AG, with their head office in Switzerland, Cadenazzo, was established in May 2014 as the European branch of the Chinese manufacturer of power modules StarPower Semiconductor Ltd.. StarPower Europe is a successful, dynamically growing company in the field of power electronics.

StarPower Europe AG has opened a European R&D Centre at its branch in Nuremberg, Germany. The aim is to research and test new technologies, packages and materials for power semiconductors, in order to develop future generations of models for StarPower. As a technology partner of major American & European customers, their requirements flow directly into the further development of the products.

Why StarPower:

Leading technology in High Powered IGBT (Modules 650-1700V & Discrete 600-1200V)

Research & Development in Nuremburg Germany with manufacturing located in Jiaxing China. Three operational fabs and New facility opened in Shanghai for focus on the EV market.

Heavy investments in R&D and development of new technologies—including “Sintering” and new die bonding.

Becoming 100% independent supplier. Starpower has control of own IGBT Chip Technology

Reliability, cost and lead time surpasses the competition with new chip technology

Excellence in Module Packaging


  • Increase module reliability up to factor 3
  • Allows for higher TJ
  • Improves thermal resistance

Sinter Technology for high-performance inverters

Owing to Sinter Technology, two sintered half bridge IGBT modules with 700A in 17mm housing are replacing one 1400A high power module. With the use of sinter technology, the reliability can be improved significantly, compared with soldered modules. The lifetime of a high-performance inverter is increased due to the high contact strength between chip and substrate. Power cycling tests showed an up to 10 times higher lifetime. As the Chip temperature will be increased by 25°C to 175°C, the customer can, depending on the application, select between various options of either increasing the output power or to extend the lifetime. On the one hand the output power could be increased without impact in reliability, on the other hand the module could be operated at the previous temperature with an increased life time. This effect could also lead into cost effective module selections by using a smaller Chip.


  • Low thermal and electrical contact resistance
  • Gas-tight contact and high contact force
  • Increased system reliability, especially in harsh environment


  • The PINFIN heat sink geometry to provide increased surface area for heat transfer, low thermal resistance from base to fins
  • Lower thermal resistance → lower operating temperature or high power densities

TIM (Thermal Interface Material)

  • Soft or solid material depending on temperature requirements
  • higher output power, higher lifetime
  • High performance thermal paste with 30% improved Rthjs

StarPower Products

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