Markets Served

Richardson Electronics – Power & Microwave Technologies manufactures and distributes semiconductor ICs and discretes, interconnect, frequency control, electromechanical, passives, systems and subsystems, antennas and power supplies to meet the specific needs of many diverse markets. With an extensive global supply network and a presence in over 43 countries, we are well-equipped to meet the challenges and considerations unique to any location around the world.

Our manufacturers’ disruptive technologies drive customer solutions in a wide range of markets, including:

Alternative Energy

We invest in programs and products that support alternative energy (any source of usable energy intended to replace fossil fuel without undesirable consequences such as carbon dioxide emissions), including the manufacture of inverters and converters for both solar and wind energy solutions

Avionics and Radar

We supply a range of components for the RF & Microwave sections of avionics transponder/DME systems and for the transmit and receive sides of radar systems for ground, air and marine applications. Our products include a large selection of frequency control devices, relays, interconnect products, discrete and IC semiconductors, and passive RF devices.


Our portfolio of products for broadcast applications includes high-performance, small footprint solutions for FM, UHF and VHF transmission. From high power transmitters and multi-kilowatt systems, to lower-power gap fillers and transposers, our manufacturers support the complete spectrum of broadcast transmitter design, including the exciter, RF amplifier and power supply sections.


Today’s advanced defense systems demand the best in system level performance. Our range of military-qualified RF, power and microwave products for defense applications include hermetic packaging options, extended temperature ranges, and MIL-STD reliability testing. Our manufacturers include preferred suppliers to the Department of Defense and other US and foreign defense agencies around the world.

Industrial, Scientific & Medical

Our manufacturers support a variety of industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications with both power and RF and microwave products, including linear accelerators,  microwave generators, induction heating equipment, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), automated wireless remote control, meter readers, wireless security systems, building automation equipment, and laboratory equipment like mass spectrometers, and test equipment such as signal generators, spectrum and network analyzers.


We play a key component distribution role and are also a provider of engineered solutions for the marine market. Critical RF & Microwave components are included in applications such as radar, navigational systems, transponders, distance measuring equipment/systems (DMES), and collision avoidance systems.