Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. is a global value-added integrator and manufacturer that offers a broad range of engineered solutions that meet the custom design requirements for a variety of applications within many industries. Our collaborative approach allows us to evaluate each customer’s unique needs and craft the right solution using custom engineering, integration, and manufacturing.


  • High ramping required due to renewable inconsistencies during peak load days
  • More stable power output when compared to non-energy storage power generation
  • Long-term storage allowing producers to store energy when prices are low and supply energy when demand is greatest
  • Reduced cost per kWh due to increased life of the system


  • Hybrid ESS
  • Increased cycle life utilizing ultracapacitors for frequency response and grid stabilization
  • Reduced curtailment by off-takers in excess energy
  • Allows non-dispatchable power producers load management capabilities


  • Utility scale wind farms
  • Solar plants
  • Off-takers/power purchasers