Microwave Components, Inc. is a Veteran-owned, U.S. company that has been a leading manufacturer of custom miniature electronic air coils since 1978.

Inductors or coils are one of the most basic building blocks of any electronic circuit. MCI coils are manufactured to meet our customers’ specifications. MCI’s High Q, miniature air coils are used in a variety of RF and Microwave applications all of which require high performance, reliable and repeatable inductors.

MCI’s Commitment 

MCI prides itself on its absolute confidentiality in all that we do. All our work is custom designed to our clients’ specifications and applications and is kept confidential from drawing board to completion and beyond.

MCI recognizes the significant negative impact product obsolescence has on the Defense, Hi Rel and Space markets we support. MCI will NOT obsolete any part number for convenience or low/inactive status. As long as MCI can obtain the raw materials required to manufacture the part, MCI will continue to support our customers and supply every part in our extensive product portfolio.