Pureechem (Pure Electrochemistry) is an ultracapacitor manufacturer located in Chungcheongbuk-do Korea. The  Purixel Ultracapacitor is unique in that it uses an electrode binding technology created by Pureechem to produce strong conductivity and storage capacity. The increase of binding strength between the current collector and electrode layer decides the performance of the ultracapacitor. This allows for the capability to have not only excellent performance but great durability.

Pureechem’s research and development team is always looking for new ways in which this renewable energy source may be used to make the world not only efficient but more eco-friendly. Learn more here…

Key Advantages:

  • Low internal resistance (ESR), Bigger capacity per unit volume, Smaller capacity variations
  • Better durability in terms, ESR, Capacity changes, Etc. (in comparison with M company of Japan)
  • Technology for mass-production of high-voltage (> 3V), High-temperature (85ºC) products

Key Applications:

  • Solar
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • UPS
  • Powered Tools

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