Established in 1999, VINATech designs and manufactures energy storage cylindrical and hybrid ultracapacitors as well as hybrid lithium capacitors. VINATech is UL, IATF 16949 : 2016, and ISO-14001 certified.


Hy-Cap NEO Ultracapacitors

With a range of 1F to 100F in Radial options, these ultracapacitors are designed for extreme environments and are ideal for applications involving automotive vehicles, communication equipment, IoT, and industrial equipment.

  • Temperature range -40~65℃ (extended to 85℃ when de-rated)
  • Low ESR
  • 2.7V and 3.0V options
  • 500,000 cycle life
  • World class ultracapacitor solution

Hy-Cap Ultracapacitor Modules

The Hy-Cap Ultracapacitor Modules were designed with the customer’s specifications and application areas in mind. Items subject to optimization include capacitance, voltage, current, size, enclosure protection level, terminal type and balancing circuits.

These devices are available as a PCB assembly where components are combined into PCB, in series or parallel, molded-case type where the PCB assembly model is packaged with a molded case, or metal-case type where the PCB assembly type is packed with a metal case.

VINATech can develop customized solutions dependent on commercial realization and customer’s requirements.

Hy-Cap Ultracapacitor 2 Series Modules

Hy-Cap 2 Series module, which is divided into rated voltages of 6.0V and 5.4V, are ideal for smart meters or black box products for cars and many other applications.

These modules are a serial combination of 2 single cells and comes in a sleeve type where the outer surface is encased with sleeves. Package type available is a lead terminal that offers a three-pin option from the popular I, as well as the O and H types.

Hybrid Capacitors

Vina Pulse Capacitor (VPC) Hybrid Capacitors offer higher voltage and lower self discharge characteristics.

There is now a new family of 3.8 volt cost effective, hybrid capacitor, with an ultra-low Leakage current.

Features of VPC
  • Low Self Discharge
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • High Operating Voltage
  • High Capacitance

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