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2.8-3.5 GHz 60 Watt GaN Power Amplifier


DC-2.7 GHz 150 Watt 65V GaN RF Transistor


1800 Watt 65 Volt .96-1.215 GHz GaN RF Input-Matched Transistor


1000 Watt, 65 Volt, 1.0-1.1 GHz, GaN RF Transistor



This video demonstrates how Qorvo determines reliability and thermal resistance for GaN devices. You can also refer to the GaN application note GaN Device Channel Temperature, Thermal Resistance, and Reliability Estimates for a more detailed explanation. We also have a Qorvo GaN transistor model library which contains a powerful collection of high-accuracy nonlinear simulation models for die-and package-format GaN transistors from Qorvo.

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QPD1025L Block Diagram

Technical Articles & Application Notes

Design of a Broadband L-Band 160 W GaN Power Amplifier Using SMT Packaged Transistors (QPD1013)

Qorvo Field-Proven GaN Solutions

QPA1027 Application Note

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Extremely High-Power GaN Devices

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