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Part Number Brand Package ECCNCode ROHSCode Package Weight Package Width Package Height Package UOM Package Length Country Of Origin Model Data Min Freq (MHz) Max Freq (MHz) Insertion Loss (dB) Attenuator Range (dB) Min Freq LO (MHz) Max Freq LO (MHz) Bandwidth (MHz) Gain (dB) OIP3 (dBm) Configuration OP1dB (dBm) Bias Current (mA) Coupling (dB) P out (W) PAE Pulse Width (µs) Duty Cycle % Isolation (dB) IIP3 (dBm) Current (Id) BIT Count [email protected]=25°C (A) VCE RDS (mΏ) IP1dB (dBm) Input Power (dBm) Noise Figure (dB) RFCW Handling (W) Amplitude Balance (dB) Phase Unbalance (°) Power Rating (W) VSWR Ratio Isolation (dB) RF Port to DC Port DC Current (mA) DC Voltage (V) RFCW Power (W) RMS Phase (dBm) Operating Voltage (V) Test Freq (MHz) Output Power (dBm) Rated Voltage DC (V) Rated Voltage AC (V) ESR EAR Type Component Zin (Ohm) Wavelength (nm) Supply Voltage (V) Standoff Voltage (V) Attenuation Variation (dB) Bias Voltage (V) Operating Current (mA) Operating Frequency (MHz) P1dB (dBm) Current (If) Breakdown Voltage (V) Average Power (W) VCC (V) VEE (V) VEE (-V) Vf (V) Termination TX # Beams RX # Beams TX Output P1dB (dBm) RDS on (mΩ) MAX Qrr (Nc) Id (A) Gain Flatness (dB) Splits (#) CSO (dBc) CTB (dBc) Least Sig Bit (dB) Vcore Voltage (V) Current (mA) Min Freq RF/LO (MHz) Max Freq RF/LO (MHz) Min Freq IF (MHz) Max Freq IF (MHz) LO Injection Side LO Carrier Sup (dBc) Harmonic Sup 3XIQ (dBc) LO-RF Isol (dBm) Power (W) InPut Power (CW) Leakage (dBm) Recovery Time (nS) Min Power Detect (dBm) Model Data Sensitivity (dBm) Directivity (dB) Max Power (dBm) Max Data Rate (Gbps) Channels (#) Switch Matrix Size Embedded CDR Embedded Ser Des CW Power Dissipation (W) Ct Total Capacitance (pF) Display Rt Resistance (ohms) TL Carrier Lifetime (ns) VBr Breakdown (V) Incident Power Max (W) Thermal Resistance Junction Capacitance (pF) Resistance Lifetime (µs) Resistance (Ohm) Tl (µs) Breakdown Voltage Min (V) Total Capacitance (pF) Dynamic Resistance (ohms) Vb (V) Junction Capacitance Min (pF) Junction Capacitance Max (pF) Reverse Voltage (V) Carrier Lifetime (nS) Tt (pS) Gamma Q Factor @ 50 MHz Phase Noise @ 100 (MHz) Conversion Loss / Gain (dBm) Lo Drive (dBm) Multiply Factor Conversion Loss (dB) Min Freq Output (MHz) Max Freq Output (MHz) Image Rejection (dBm) Power Consumption (W) Outputs (#) Output Return Loss (dB) Belden 1694A Reach (m) 3G Belden 1694A Reach (m) HD Belden 1694A Reach (m) SD Integrated Mux Max Output Current (mApp) Max Output Voltage (Vpp) Application Data Rate (Gbps) Rise/Fall Times (pS) Max Output Mod Current (mA) Min Temperature Options (C) Max Temperature Options (C) Belden 1694A Reach (m) 12G Belden 1694A Reach (m) 6G Output Power PSAT (W) Efficiency (%) Positive Supply Voltage Positive Supply Current (mA) Negative Supply Voltage Negative Supply Current (mA) Output Gate Voltage (mA) Output Gate Current (mA) Pulse Enable TTL Voltage Phase Balance (°) Impedance Ratio Crossover Frequency (dB) Rejection (dB) Return Loss (dB) Chip Style Max (mA) Max (V) Max (W) Capacitance (pF) ICC (mA) Rise/Fall Time (nS) IEE (mA) Probogation Delay (nS) Psat (P1dB) High (Y or N) LO-RF Isol (dB) RX Gain (dB) TX Gain (dB) POUT (dBm) EVM(%) RX Noise Figure (dB) Model Data / S-Par Output Type Inputs (#) Input Type Output Blanks (#) Core Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Output Skew (ps) Phase Jitter Typ RMS (PS) Technology Work Mode Memory Support Pin Count (#) HTS Code Case Type TRR Pin MAX (dbm) Ripple Current Case Size Rated Temperature Ceramic Type Rated Ripple Current KVAR Current (Ic) Peak Current DV/DT Current (Ifav) Current (ITav) Voltage (V) Tq rating Package Type NF (dB) Idd (mA) PWR Rating (W) Amplitute Unbalance (dB) Current (Irms) ROHSCode Continuous Current (a) ESR mΩ (DC) Maximum Power Frequency (kHz) Rated Current (a rms) Minimum Capacitance Maximum Capacitance Vds Id (A) Display Description Insertion Loss @ 1 GHz (dB) Insertion Loss @ 18 GHz (dB) VSWR Impedance Ohms Velocity of Propagation % Height Surface Area Weight (lb/ft) Typical Force Bolt Length Type Cooling E dimension Width Dielectric Tolerance Rated Current AMP Display Speed Reference (RPM) Display Air Flow (CFM) Display Static Pressure (INCH) display NOISE (Dba) Display Watts Ohmic Value Rating (AC) Rating (DC) Max Number of Taps Overall Diameter Max(in) Voltage RMS Voltage (mV) Isolation Typical (dB) Isolation Max(dB) Voltage(kV) Insertion Loss Max (dB) Display Insertion Loss Max (dB) Forward CW Power (W) Reverse CW Power (W) Length in Meters Connector 1 Connector 2 Freq (MHz) Freq(GHz) Capacitance (uF) Capacitance (F) rdson_25_deg_c_max_mohms_display Vds_Display RDSon typical (mohms) RDSon typical (mohms) display RDSon max (mohms) RDSon max (mohms) display Part Structure Compare Cart


Qorvo EAR99 1g 1.9 0.1 MM 3.42 US 500 20000 13 42 700 34.5 19 Add


Qorvo 3A001.b.2.b 1g 3.55 0.1 MM 3.3 US 1000 8000 30 650 11 40 Add


Qorvo 3A001.b.2.b 6 1.76 MM 5 US 1000 8000 30 650 11 40 Add


Qorvo 3A001.b.2.b Y 1g 4.24 0.1 MM 3.16 US 10700 12700 17 600 34 10 43.5 Add


Qorvo 3A001.b.2.b.2 1g 5 1.72 MM 4.5 US 7900 11000 25 600 30 115 42 Add


Qorvo 3A001.b.2.b.2 1g 1.65 0.1 MM 2.75 US 7900 11000 18 600 30 10 42 Add


Qorvo 5A991.G YES 6 0.95 MM 6 MY 150.000000 960.000000 15.000000 49.000000 650.000000 36.700000 GaAs HBT Add


Qorvo 5A991.G YES 6.23 0.85 MM 5.59 US 4900.000000 5900.000000 8.800000 670.000000 33.000000 InGaP HBT:GaAs HBT Add


Qorvo 5A991.G 1g 3 0.85 MM 3 US 2400 2500 31 600 9 26 Add


Qorvo 5A991.b YES 1 5 0.9 MM 7 MY 50.000000 1200.000000 21.000000 49.000000 650.000000 CATV Power Doubler 5 x 7 Add


Qorvo 3A001.B.2.D YES 0.5 2.15 0.1 MM 3.12 US 27000.000000 32000.000000 25.000000 630.000000 pHEMT Power Amplifier Die Add


Qorvo 3A001.B.2.D Y 1g 2.65 0.05 MM 3.43 US 32000 38000 16 640 30 16 40 Add


Qorvo 3A001.b.2.b.2 YES 0.5 0.7 0.1 MM 5.5 US 800.000000 11000.000000 31.000000 650 GaN Power Amplifier 10 60 Die Add


Qorvo 3A001.b.2.b.2 YES 1 15.2 3.5 MM 15.2 US 800.000000 11000.000000 28.000000 650 GaN Power Amplifier 9 47 15.2 x 15.2 x 3.5 Add


Qorvo EAR99 YES 1g 5 0.9 MM 5 MY 12500.000000 15500.000000 25.000000 650 pHEMT Power Amplifier 30 10 31.5 5.0 x 5.0 x 0.85 Add


Qorvo 3A001.b.2.e YES 0.5 1.7 0.1 MM 2.3 US 37000.000000 40000.000000 24.000000 600 pHEMT Power Amplifier 28 19 29.5 Die Add


Qorvo 5A991.b YES 1 4 0.85 MM 4 KR 4900.000000 5925.000000 33.000000 675.000000 PA Power Amplifier Module 4 x 4 x 0.85 QFN Add

17 Items

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