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Featured Products


Today’s advanced avionics and IFF applications demand the best performance. Available now from Richardson Electronics, Qorvo recently introduced the QPD1025L, an 1800 W (P 3dB ) discrete GaN on SiC HEMT that operates from 0.96 to 1.215 GHz. This industry-leading product offers input pre-match within the package resulting in ease of external board match and saving critical board space. Additional key features are:

  • Linear gain: 22.5 dB
  • Typical PAE(3dB):2%
  • Operating voltage: 65 V
  • CW and Pulse capable

For further information, please also see the Microwave Journal Article: 1.8 kW GaN Transistor for L-Band Avionics


Key Features

  • 4.0 – 6.0 GHz operational bandwidth
  • LNA with integrated bypass mode
  • Ability to turn LNA and bypass mode OFF
  • Ultra low noise figure, 1.3dB at 5.5 GHz
  • 19dB gain at 5.5 GHz
  • 32dBm OIP3 at 5.5 GH

The QPL9098 is a high-linearity, ultra-low noise gain block amplifier with a bypass mode functionality integrated in the product. At 5.5 GHz, the amplifier typically provides 19 dB gain, +32 dBm OIP3, and 1.3 dB noise figure while drawing 68 mA current from a +4.2 V supply.

The QPL9098 is internally matched using a high performance E-pHEMT process and only requires four external components for operation from a single positive supply: an external RF choke and blocking/bypass capacitors. This low noise amplifier contains an internal active bias to maintain high performance over temperature.

The QPL9098 is optimized for the 4.0 - 6.0 GHz frequency band and is targeted for wireless infrastructure. The QPL9098 is packaged in a 2 x 2 mm DFN.


Key Features

  • Frequency Range: 28  – 38 GHz
  • PSAT (PIN = 13 dBm): >26 dBm
  • IM3 ( POUT/Tone = 20 dBm): -20 dBc
  • Small Signal Gain: >23 dB
  • Bias: CW, VD = +20 V, IDQ = 64 mA, VG = -2.5 V typ.
  • Die Dimensions: 1.65 x 0.67 x 0.05 mm

1. Thermal resistance determined to the back of a 20 mil Cu-Mo carrier plate with eutectic die attach (85 C)
2. Refer to the following document GaN Device Channel Temperature, Thermal Resistance, and Reliability Estimates

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Learn the latest 5G developments from infrastructure to fixed wireless access in this eBook, which includes information on market updates, technical trade-offs and critical technologies. Also, explore the latest products accelerating 5G developments, such as the QPF4006 from Qorvo. This 37 – 40.5 GHz GaN front end module combines a low noise high linearity LNA, a low insertion-loss high-isolation TR switch, and a high-gain high-efficiency multi-stage PA, ideal for 5G base stations.

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