Located in Methuen, MA, Conduct RF has been in the Interconnect industry for over 20 years, successfully supporting high performance assembly solutions that require precision and expertise to bring to life.

ConductRF products include solutions for both commercial and precision RF applications for both RF Cable Assemblies and Connectors.  Their manufacturing capabilities include solutions built at their ITAR registered facility in Methuen as well as partner facilities worldwide.

Standard RF Connectors

ConductRF offers a very broad range of standard RF coax connectors that provide solutions for many common applications.  Their standard RF connector products are manufactured in Taiwan.

Precision Connectors

A broad range of options including 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm as well as Precision SMA, Type-N, TNC and SMP solutions for many higher performance cables from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

ConductRF Flex Testing

ConductRF’s flex test routine was developed to equally evaluate the stability and life expectancy of their RF Test Cables.  The test repeatedly flexes cables while being monitored for VSWR, IL, and Phase Stability ever 20sec., through to failure.

Flexible RF Cable Solutions

ConductRF’s RG & LMR Style cable assemblies are optimized for performance & cost with broad standard features and defined VSWR & Insertion Loss.

Formed Solutions (Conformable & Semi-Rigid)

Complex formed Semi-Rigid and Hand Formable Tin-soaked braided cable solutions are something built every day.  Phase Matched sets and Phase/Temp Matched sets are available with standard & custom connectors.

Performance Solutions

ConductRF has a wide range of “Performance” related solutions built and 100% tested up to 70GHz at their own facility.  If your solution requires Low Loss or VSWR, or if you have ruggedization or waterproofing needs, they see this as a performance solution which requires expertise to create a finished product solution for you.

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